Tuesday, November 27, 2018

SIBA 2019

SO, SIBA 2019 - Our 15th workshop, finished with 4 great Gala shows, I will post here many of the video clips we made, the group dances, the solo dancers, our teachers and more... 

You can check out photos and videos in our website.
and to give you a taste:
Short clip of classes group 1 and 2
A short clip of SIBA Gala Shows
A short clip of SIBA 2019 tour to the lakes and alps
A final show of our Youth group - 2 weeks

2019 Playlist group dances

2019 Playlist ALL solo dancers


Hope you enjoy watching, and come dance with us next summer! Registration already started for SIBA 2020, EARLY BIRD discount of 350 eu. if you register and pay before the end of October!!! don't wait, do it now, as we only give this discount to the first 10 registered.

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SIBA Salzburg International Classical Ballet and Modern Dance Summer Workshop.
In 2019 we celebrating 15 years and welcome students from all over the world.

The ONLY ballet workshop that lets you experience what it means to be a professional dancer in a real company!

SIBA Salzburg International Ballet Workshop 2019

From the moment you arrive – YOU ARE A DANCE COMPANY!
You dance, eat, breathe SIBA!

Take advantage of the Early Birds Bonus - Register and pay in advance the full amount by Dec 24, 2018. You save E300 off your Tuition fee (limited to the first 10 registrations)
click on this image to go to our website

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