Saturday, October 26, 2013

Why NOT go to a summer ballet workshop..

Think about it !! going to ANY summer ballet workshop, is like just staying at home and attending your old school with some new faces... what is it going to do for your career? Absolutely NOTHING....

same classes, same teachers, same styles... this is NOT what you want to do with you summer, the only free time you get to ADVANCE !!!

A dancer career is a short career, you MUST take advantage of the best opportunities to develop and become a professional dancer, fulfill your DREAM, find out what is to really be a Professional DANCER !!!

What you need is an intensive ballet workshop that will open the doors for you,

*** Give you the most of what you can absorb in a short period,

*** Stage experience of 4 gala shows, stage behavior, how to stand in the lights, makeup classes,

*** And a full DVD in your hand to use in your upcoming auditions to a professional company.

What you need is a ballet workshop that offers the BEST ballet teachers you can find in Europe, led by a charismatic dynamic Artistic Director who offers you his own choreography and let you perform them !!!

What you need is a team of ballet experts, who take you by the hand, each and every one of you, and coach you to perfection... teach you repertoire, variations, the famous neo-classical ballet of Nacho Duato, musical dance and much more.... all with personal attention and guiding!!

AND on top of it, meet dancers like yourself from all over the world, who will become your friends for life, help you through tough moments at the workshop, share their experience, food, clothes and love with you,,,,

WHAT YOU NEED IS SIBA !!!  check it out and you will find out that you agree with each and every word here...
for more information, write to me and I will be happy to help !!

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