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I would like to tell you how EDAS-SIBA Ballet Workshops started and invite all past SIBA students to send us little stories about their experience at the workshop...

We are now celebrating our 9th ballet summer workshop in Salzburg! Read all the exciting news for summer 2013 in our NewsLetter. http://www.siba-academy.com/2013-NEWSLETTER.htm

  • More than 1,100 students have already experienced SIBA
  • More than 2000 ballet, point, repertoire, classes.
  • More than 2000 Modern dance, Musical jazz, Nacho Duato, flamenco, tango, waltz & Neo-Classical classes
  • More than 50 top dance instructors
  • Our students come from more then 30 countries
  • More than 40 students received a contract with professional companies with the help of SIBA

SIBA - Salzburg International Ballet Workshop was meant to be a full year academy, The idea to start an academy was presented to me in April 2005, by Peter Breuer, director of the Salzburg Ballet, and Yehuda Maor, his assistant at the time.

After checking the circumstances in Salzburg and the possibilities for studio space and boarding rooms, I came up with the idea that a short term ballet workshop would suit the city of culture much more then a ballet academy.
Peter said: "there are no studios in Salzburg for a short time workshop", and Yehuda said: "In Festival time you will not be able to find any rooms for students.."

Being the stubborn person that I am, I could not accept their response. This was my first visit to Salzburg, and the city reminded me of Switzerland, and boarding schools jumped right to my head. A boarding school which will have for sure some sports facilities indoors, and enough rooms for students and in summer time will be vacant. I checked with my friend Birgit, and she immediately came up with the idea of Herz Jesu Gymnasium which is so conveniently located and has all the facilities we need.

However, I did not want to create "just another ballet workshop" on top of the thousands of existing such offers, so I was looking for a new concept.  Checking totally the market online, I came up with the best idea for SIBA - a workshop that will give the students an opportunity to live and breath as a professional company for one month.

It took 1 week to build a website, 2 months later, we had 67 students registered for SIBA 2005 ballet workshop, top teachers faculty, guest star Maya Plizetskaya, and we were on the go....

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the directorate of Herz Jesu Gymnasium for their ever lasting support, care, and help, which enabled the success of SIBA. Peter Breuer and all the other wonderful teachers whom I have the pleasure of working with.
Nili Grazer, Director

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