Friday, October 18, 2019

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR in a ballet summer workshop?
An inspiring Artistic Director? SIBA has Prof. Peter Breuer, director of the Salzburg Ballet,,,
Special top teachers? SIBA Salzburg Ballet Workshop got them all !!!
A great place to be in? Mozart town Salzburg is at your feet, modern accommodations, large studios, and its all on the same compound!!
Good HEALTHY food? Our 5 stars chef Steiner will feed you well, and also take care of special food needs! we love him! he even bakes for us birthday cakes...
A bit of fun in between hard dancing days? SIBA will take you on a full day tour in a private bus to the lakes, alps, swimming and having fun!
SIBA Salzburg Ballet Workshop highlights? SIBA has 4 Gala shows performances at the end of the workshop, 3 in Salzburg and one in Munich, full house!!
Watch this video to the end and hurry to REGISTER! we accept only 80 students...

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